After a preliminary meeting to assess
your requirements we will define which
system would best suit your needs.
Taking into account your heating
demands, most cost effective fuel
source, boiler size and location for
a pellet store.
We will then design a bespoke system
that exactly meets your requirements
and the installation space available.


We will then source the unit and ancillary
materials from our manufacturers on
your behalf.


On confirmation of a delivery date we
will contact you to determine a suitable
date to start the installation process
ensuring minimum disruption to your business.

On completion of the installation we will test all aspects of the scheme to ensure it complies with all necessary parameters required to prove eligibility for your RHI payments.

We will produce a comprehensive operation and maintenance document for you and at the same time train you to safely operate the system.

Quality Biomass boilers are reliable assuming they are regularly maintained. We recommend that you take advantage of our on going maintenance programme which will ensure that your investment is kept in peak performing condition, maximising your return on investment..

The most common cause of operational failure in biomass boilers is low quality fuel. In addition to our service contract we can supply you the correct type and quality of biomass fuel for the entire life cycle of your installation, giving you complete peace of mind that your system will always perform efficiently.