The ability to respond quickly to change is one of the major challenges facing corporations in today’s highly competitive global economy. Companies must constantly re-think and adjust their business strategies to meet the dynamic needs of the marketplace, and with each successive change they must re-think the ways in which they organise and carry out their work. These changes result in churn, the terminology used for moving people or equipment around within a facility or from one location to another. And while churn may ultimately have a positive impact on an organisation’s goals, its immediate effect can be both disruptive and costly, particularly for companies with multiple facilities and thousands of employees, if appropriate strategies are not implemented.


  • Company-wide restructuring, as as result of mergers, downsizing, and total quality management-based consolidations. 
  • Ongoing employee moves (co-locations) to assure greater efficiencies within and between operations and departments.
  • Ongoing formation and operation of project teams. 

M3 have years of experience in relocating, reorganising & restructuring offices. 

Our strategies for managing churn:

  • Strategic facility planning for forecasting long-range and near-term churn
  • Raised floors that allow workstations to be re-configured quickly and easily whilst maintaining access to power and data
  • Flexible furnishings that allow facilities to be adapted to meeting changing requirements 
  • Desktop and teleconferencing technologies that provide an alternative to physically relocating people. 



Any form of relocation, refurbishment or fit out  in the office requires management. Our FM support service is there to assist in move management and to deliver the project on time and on budget.
Our ' on site ' team leader will liaise with your appointed representative and create a comprehensive plan to implement the change by;
  • Establishing a timescale for the move
  • Allocating the the correct resources, i.e., manpower, crates, skates, skilled labour & order materials
  • Providing 2D and 3D drawings
  • Clarifying new positions for staff
  • Carry out feasibility studies to ensure the new environment is suitable with regards to natural light, air conditioning and ventilation
  • Provide full estimates for any 'making good' i.e. painting, skirtings and minor fabric works
  • Developing a phase plan if the project is to be completed whilst the client is in occupation to minimise disruption
  • Creating a programme which is regularly updated so that the appointed representative can keep other staff ' in the loop'.
  • Liaising with the IT and telephony department to ensure all data and power are up and running upon completion
  • Arranging for deliveries of larger furniture items out of hours if required
  • Carry out regular inspections with the client representative to ensure each part of the project is signed off and approved.
  • Colour coding and labelling of all crates and have a decanting plan ready for when furniture items are in place i.e. (who goes where and who gets what)
  • Set up lost and found areas in case any staff members have left personal items in their old space
  • Setting up list of what furniture is being re-used and what new items are to be delivered
  • Liaise to create a business continuity plan in case of any ' acts of god' 
  • Demonstrating all new furniture to the staff to ensure they get the most out of the ergonomic features of their new space


M3 Solutions provide a working hours support desk from our head office.

Our staff are trained and briefed on all of our clients products, projects and current challenges with regards to their on going FM obligations. 

Through many years of supplying and completing relocations, refurbishments, internal churn projects, night works, re-branding projects, large scale furniture deliveries, crate supply, move management and internal churn projects, we understand the challenges that our clients' FM teams face when it comes to maintaining a high level of employee and visitor satisfaction. Alongside the safety, regulatory and legal requirements, we are here to support our clients and take on small or large projects to allow them to focus on their core objectives.

  • By using our support services, you can delegate the risk and responsibility for service delivery in return for a fixed price and improved service.
  • One service provider results in one invoice, one point of contact and control of your products or projects from one place.
  • Our product knowledge and close relationship with our manufacturers means we can get things done quickly.
  • Guaranteed quality through pre-agreed service levels and standards.
  • Liberated management, as the ' in house ' FM team can focus on core objectives without having to worry about product demonstrations or minor furniture repairs.
  • Simplicity, by rationalising the full range of support services, from minor churn moves, workstation re-configurations, furniture repairs, M & E works into a single contract.
  • We own the issue to completion or handover.
  • We provide constant updates and a full report once works are completed 

Off Site Furniture Storage, our service saves potentially long lead in times.

 In order to respond quickly to our clients needs we offer an 'off site' furniture storage service. We have found this to be very beneficial for both ourselves and our customers.
Some of our clients have a high churn rate and need to implement expansion, contraction or relocation of departments within their existing space regularly. Through storing a stock of our clients surplus furniture we can respond within days to a requirement for change. This avoids lead in time for products and allows our clients to have a flexible and adaptable approach to the needs of their business. 

We store a range of items for our clients including:

  • Operator Chairs
  • Workstations
  • Meeting tables
  • Storage units
  • Pedestals
  • Meeting chairs
  • Soft seating
  • Screens
  • Media units
  • Think Tanks
  • Monitor arms
  • Boardroom chairs




Our crates can be supplied directly to 'in house' teams within your business or we can supply personnel to carry out the entire process for you. This is our range of crates and equipment that can be supplied:

  • Personal Lidded Packing Crate
  • Metre Length Crates
  • Bulk Filing Crate
  • Flat Screen IT Crate
  • Printer Crates
  • Removal Skates
  • Mobile Server Cases


  • Pay as you go
  • No storage cost to client
  • More secure than boxes
  • Our lids are fixed to the box (cannot go missing)
  • Delivered to site when required and collected from the same or different site
  • Stackable when full and into each other when empty
  • Secured with security ties (numbered if required)
  • Handles to lift and carry
  • More spaces effective in trucks
  • Less Chance of damage to contents
  • Our Products are compliant with all health and safety criteria
  • ECO friendly



Through many years of working with in the facilities industry,  we have identified a need within our client base for an ' on site' furniture technician. This ensures that our installed products are maintained in line with all warranty requirements and all the ergonomic features demonstrated to all staff correctly. 

Any repairs can be carried out on site within hours of a problem arising as opposed to having to wait for a call out technician from the manufacturer.

Our on site support provides product knowledge,  and an extra level of support that will benefit our clients ' in house' facilities team. 


The application of ergonomics ensures a good fit between people and the tasks they do, the equipment they use and the environment in which they work. Our trained ergonomists and designers are available to offer specific assessment and training to support those staff and departments interested in improving the workplace and work practices affecting posture, activity, comfort and stress.

It is of vital importance that staff are provided with ergonomically sound products that reduce the risk of health issues and improve productivity. 
Our 'on site' technicians are fully trained in getting the most out of the products we supply, through demonstrations staff will learn the ergonomic features of their workstations and seating. Adjustment and movement being the key factors in reducing the amount of 'static time' that can lead to ongoing health issues.