LED makes sound Financial Sense

  • Reduce your lighting energy bills by up to 90%
  • LED’s are 80% more efficient than fluorescent lamps and last around 50 times longer, dramatically reducing your energy bills and maintenance costs
  • Year 1 return on investment from 30% to over 100%, an average payback is under 3 years
  • Control the impact of ever increasing utility bills on your business
  • Zero deposit, low rate finance means that your investment is cash positive from day 1, with no impact on cash flow
  • The cost of a system is 100% tax deductable in year 1 under the ‘Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme’

The M3 ‘Peace of Mind’ Warranty

  • M3 Solutions offer a 5 year warranty on all lighting; no more bulb changing necessary
  • M3 Solutions offer a 10 year workmanship warranty on all installations
  • M3 Solutions offer a full in-house maintenance cover for the life of a system
  • M3 Solutions will underwrite savings to meet the forecast over the first year

ECO Friendly

  • Reduce your carbon footprint in a measureable and marketable way
  • M3 Solutions can offer a range of tools to help clients market their proactive efforts to reduce their carbon footprint
  • LED lights have none of the toxic elements that reside in fluorescent lamps
  • All unwanted fluorescent tubes are disposed of, free of charge by M3 Solutions

M3 make the process simple

  • Simple installation with no impact on your business activity
  • M3 Solutions monitor systems to demonstrate and track savings

Lighting Design

One of M3’s Team of surveyors will survey your site to establish the most efficient solution to your lighting needs, enabling us to maximize your return on investment alongside the efficiency and comfort of your office space.

Choosing the right products for your bespoke application

M3 provide only the best quality products to perfectly suit each installation. Our impartial approach ensures that we provide only the products that best suit your environment. Controls for lighting are often overlooked; consideration of this is fundamental to the most energy efficient solution and M3 will advise on the best control solutions to meet your needs and maximize further savings. All options, costs and financial returns will be clearly explained and documented to enable your business to make an informed decision.


M3 Solutions have a highly qualified team of experienced electricians and lighting engineers and they work with you to ensure there is no interruption to your business. Many of our installation projects are completed out of hours to ensure zero disruption.


Although as a rule no maintenance is required for LED installations, as part of our Interiors Division at M3 Solutions, our dedicated maintenance team ensure all of our clients are serviced for the life of any project we carry out for them. Whether it be an ‘Interior Design and Build’ or a ‘Renewable Energy’ project, our team are always on hand to deal with any maintenance issues; however they may arise.

For more information please contact our sales team on

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