Biomass has long been recognised as one of the most sustainable and cost effective sources of heating on the market.

With the introduction of the commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Biomass has become the next ‘must have’ renewable technology investment.

The RHI is a Government scheme, which rewards businesses who install renewable heat technologies such as biomass in the form of guaranteed regular ‘tariff’ payments. The ‘tariffs’ are paid for a period of 20 years and are calculated by the amount of renewable heat generated by any given installation.

These payments contribute towards the cost of the installation creating an attractive return on investment for the customer and significantly reducing their carbon emissions, in turn moving the UK closer to the Government set target in 2020.

M3 are specialists in commercial Biomass installations and offer a complete service. We understand how to deliver cost effective, quality biomass installations that guarantee you the best return on investment in the market.


 - 98% German manufactured

 - Low emissions

 - Fuel is burnt at 95% efficiency at all times

 - Integrated smart monitoring system

 - Integrated smart maintenance system

 - 20 year life expectancy