Space planning for your office can be a difficult task. It’s not only about who sits where, but there are legal requirements, accommodation standards, I.T. staff welfare and telecoms to consider.


Feasibility Studies – to determine how much space you need for your office to function right now and how you could adapt it for future growth.

Building Appraisal – to help you make a decision on which of your shortlisted buildings or office spaces will be the most cost effective choice and ultimately decide which one is right for your business.

Office Furniture – choosing the right furniture in conjunction with your space plan will have a significant effect on the productivity of your office.

Building Services – to ensure all of your air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting and telecoms are designed to work effectively with your overall space plan. 

Legal Requirements – there are lots of legal and legislative requirements to consider when space planning your office. M3 are here to take this off your hands, we will ensure all of your legal and regulatory requirements are met.

Flexibility and Growth – our experienced designers understand how to design spaces that can accommodate future growth and adapt to the changing needs of your business. We can incorporate flexible work spaces that can change their function.

For example, conference rooms that change to extra work station space, using bi-fold doors and folding tables, or breakout areas that transform into informal meeting areas using sound dampening panels and high backed sofas. We know how to future proof your space, ultimately saving you money when you need to implement change in the future.

I.T and Telecoms – our skilled space planners will design the most practical and cost effective solutions for your IT, telecoms, power and data requirements. Whether that be floor boxes under workstations or secure wireless networks to create flexible ‘work anywhere’ environments. 

Concept Drawings, 3D Representations  giving you a very real feel for how your office will look before you move in.



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I think offices are becoming more homelike. People are working longer hours so they want better facilities to support them

Adrian Williams MD M3 Solutions