On-Roof Systems
Leading the way in commercial Solar PV...

The most common method of securing solar panels to buildings is to secure the panels with hanger bolts attached to aluminium rails on which the panels sit i.e. an 'on-roof' system. We have worked with every type of roof covering and know how to install projects on some of the most challenging buildings in the commercial sector.

Ground Mount Systems
Built to last...

Ground-mounted Solar PV requires a different approach to roof-based systems. The topography and geological conditions need to be surveyed and taken into account when specifying and installing a system. M3 Solar have completed numerous ground mounted systems in the UK, we understand how the precision and diligence required to engineer, procure and construct ground-mounted Solar PV systems that are built to last.

Integrated Roof Systems
Water tight roof made of solar panels...

Integrated Solar PV roof/ Power roofs are a relatively new and alternative to traditional 'on-roof' solar panel systems. They are innovative in the fact that they actually create a water-tight roof made of solar panels, housed in a specifically designed aluminium superstructure. They are very cost effective when there is already a requirement to re-roof a building as the solar roof offsets the costs of new materials for a traditional fibre cement or single skin/ insulated metal-sheeted roof.

We achieve high quality through training...

We have the longest workmanship warranty period of 10 years. We are very confident in our quality of installation and have recently added the ISO:9001 quality management system to our methods which further increases our training and competence standards.

Remote Yield Monitoring
Superbly engineered and visually impressive...

Our inventor manufacturing partners offer superbly engineered and visually impressive online monitoring portals. They provide real-time information about your Solar PV system. This is an incredibly useful tool as you can check from your smartphone or laptop that the system is functioning properly from anywhere in the world, and if any problems do arise; we, as your maintenance contractor, can use the online portal to diagnose and often rectify minor issues remotely.

M3 Solar offer a full maintenance and clearing contracts...

Though Solar PV systems are a very reliable source of renewable energy, there are some real benefits in a yearly check-up and in some locations, yearly clean. M3 Solar offer full maintenance and cleaning contracts.

Strengthening Works
M3 Solar will handle it

If a building does require some strengthening works in order to safely install a Solar PV system, M3 Solar will handle it. It is often minor works such as installing new purlins or supporting brackets or beams, all of which are very feasible in almost all cases, and rarely jeopardise the viability of a project.

Presenting a clear business case

We offer a cleaning service for Solar PV systems. Some sites need more attention given to a cleaning schedule than others. For example, a busy grain store is likely to kick up a lot of dust and fine grain during harvest which is likely to settle on the panels. However some sites do not require any cleaning at all. We use remote monitoring systems to determine the viability of a cleaning contract, by assessing the output of a system after a scheduled cleaning visit to see if the increase in productivity warrants a regular contract.

Solar PV Display Monitor
Improving employee and visitor experience...

Our Solar PV display monitor is a weatherproof, large-scale display that visualises yield, performance and CO2 reduction of PV plants in large, luminous figures. It is a great PR tool and an eye-catching, versatile display for viewing power production quickly and publicly.